"Today is the most important day of your life"

                                                                                                                Hassan M. Al-Shohaty

About You

Are you a professional, a manager, an executive or team leader who wants to:

  • Unleash your full potential

  • Regulate and improve stress

  • Develop effective routines and time management skills

If you answered yes to any of these points, carry on reading!

My Why

My life purpose is clear: to serve.

As a parent and a seasoned investment advisor with over 15 years of experience in the fast-paced investment world, I understand the challenges of stress, time management, and self-doubt that can hold you back from achieving your full potential.

What do I do?

I help professionals achieve their goals through high-performance coaching.

How do I do this?

1-on-1 coaching aimed at amplifying your performance through developing a growth mindset, setting clear goals, and tailored strategies.

What to expect from our collaboration?

A dedicated high-performer who will support you in building momentum to achieve your goals, both professionally and personally.

Does this sound a bit too much? Well, the best way to know what I'm talking about is to jump on a call to experience my coaching.

Mission, Vision and Values

What is my Mission?

To provide high-performance coaching to professionals to help them wake up most days feeling fulfilled.

What is my Vision?

Create a ripple effect of optimism that positively impacts a billion lives in the next decade.

What are my Values?

My values of care, community, compassion, and above everything else - confidentiality drive me to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can feel comfortable and supported in your journey toward professional and personal growth.

My services are designed for professionals who are:

  • Struggling to speak up

  • Lost, overwhelmed or challenged with responsibilities and tasks

  • Driven and ready to make a change, because life's short

  • Committed to turning their life around and are willing to try

If this sounds like you, I invite you to book a call. Let's have a life-changing conversation together. 

By working with me, you will benefit from

  • Someone who will listen to you in a non-judgmental and safe space to share your thoughts and feelings

  • Having someone who has been through similar struggles you might be are experiencing

  • Support in formulating habits that are tailored to your unique needs and goals

  • Practical tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve your desired outcomes


My name is Zach and I had the privilege of being coached by Hassan over a series of sessions. I came into my sessions with a struggle rooted in fear and anxiety regarding a challenging relationship in my life. We identified my main three fears that seem to get in the way of my goals and the root causes of them. In doing so we created extremely useful affirmations that I now utilize in place of negative thoughts so that I am in control and not catastrophizing and essentially living through these moments twice, once in my head, and once in reality, if it even happens.

Zach Chandler, USA

Coach: Hassan M. Alshohaty
Client: Lucie

From the first time I felt very good in Hassan´s energy. He created safety space from the beggining, there was trust and I was able to be vulnerable and open about my issues. He helped me to create realistic goal and helped me to set this goal as I needed it to feel comfortable and support me to achieve it. I had also some nice insights during our sessions and I was lucky to met him because he is very kind person.

Lucie Slavíková, Czech Republic

I was directed to Hassan by a colleague who recommended his coaching services to me. Hassan is an extremely down to earth person who I felt an instant connection with. He maintained a professional approach at all times and created a safe and comfortable environment for me to talk to him regarding personal matters related to me. I highly recommend using Hassan for coaching services and am very thankful to have met him during a time when I was at a crossroad with numerous life hurdles. Thank you again Hassan.

Benjamin Spruce, Australia

Thank you Hassan!!!! 

You have really helped me focus on my journey, be proactive and be in a more positive space, just some of the tools you guided me through like journaling and breath work have lead me to be more present and has given me the opportunity to grow and believe in myself. 

Our conversation made me reflect and work on a number of areas including building my confidence, 

thank you for helping me achieve this!!!! 

Thank you for everything!!!! 

Victoria Jones, UK

I cannot recommend Hassan enough. He is such an inspiration with his passion for helping individuals propel forward and be the best version of themselves. He is very positive, engaging, professional, and most of all 'down to earth' and very practical and realistic. You will come away feeling more focused with a clear and positive outlook. I cannot recommend Hassan highly enough. Anyone who engages with him will come away with a smile.

Janet Meintjes, UK

I'll keep it short and simple - Hassan was exactly the coach that I was looking for. He has an empathetic approach that he brings to each session, and his support between sessions was very helpful in keeping the momentum going. I also received so many valuable tools and techniques, some were tailored to my specific needs! I cannot recommend him enough.

A.P. Cyprus

“Nothing will work unless you do”

- Maya Angelou

This is your opportunity to begin the process of improving your life and achieving your goals.

It's your choice: One day, or day one!